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Time flies

30 Jul

Friday July 30th, 2010
Wow! It is really hard to believe that July is nearly over and the summer as well! We go to Verden next Wednesday and the first test is on Thursday! Time flies!
Luckily, I feel ready. I think WakeUp is doing really well! The canter is getting much better and we keep pushing him to carry more but keep the jump. I think the biggest improvement has been in the trot. He feels more able to hold himself in the front because his hind legs are working harder and straighter. My legs have been sore a couple times and I am sure he agrees but I do think that Dr. Moeller has pushed us the correct amount and not too much. Many have told me he looks very good. The real test will be to see what Mama says when she sees him tomorrow!!! However, the best thing is that we can work really hard and focused but then can go out and graze in the field to enjoy the sun and grass. There are bonuses to having only one responsibility… spoiling your one horse.
I was happy to have Anna Katz, an old friend and Mama’s former student, and her husband, Thomas, come to visit. She just got married and seems very happy. They are moving to Germany next year but it was just nice to spend some time with people I know and speak a little English! For once the tables were turned… English was the primary language at the table and the couple of girls from Kasselmann’s who joined us were trying to keep up!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


Made it to NY

10 Jul

Emily and WakeUp have made it to New York and are doing fine. Wakey is a little tired but ready for the next leg of the journey. The plane leaves at 10 tonight.