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24 May

May 24, 2011

A lot can happen in a week and this last week is evidence of that! A week ago today I was in the library at KU, cramming for my last final. Now that test is one of the furthest things from my mind!
WakeUp, Willie, Mama and I left for Chicago on Thursday, for what proved to be quite the rollercoaster weekend. Willie, my 9 yo Weltmeyer, who is usually a little bit hit or miss, was mister steady all weekend, with 68%, 66.8% and 66.6% in the I1 and Developing horse classes. WakeUp, who is rather consistent, decided this was not the weekend for it. J
WakeUp and I had the first test (the preliminary which counts for 40% toward the final) on Saturday afternoon. We were lucky to have wonderful weather at Lamplight and WakeUp felt good in the warm-up. Unfortunately, I think he felt really good during the test! 😉 We had a couple large spooks that led to tension and some mistakes. This was uncharacteristic of WakeUp and not what I had expected from him. Needless to say, I was super disappointed. We received a score of 7.74, which was well below the necessary 8.2 to qualify for the World Championships in Verden.
Therefore, the Saturday night dinner was not as jovial as one could wish for… However, with tears making an appearance, Mama, David Wightman and I talked about what we needed to do for the next day. We were not about to accept that it was “game over”. David was great with helping me come up with a warm-up strategy. I had made a big mistake in taking things for granted, but Sunday was a whole new day and we had something to prove. I knew we needed an 8.51 to make the cut but I also knew that it was possible, as we had received an 8.63 earlier in the season. However, there was no room for mistakes or anything less than our best.
I don’t know if it is good to ride with the feeling that you have nothing to loose, but that is what the attitude was on Sunday. Mama was great to not let anything slip in the warm-up and WakeUp felt so stellar. We pushed for brilliance in every aspect and, because of that, I think the finale test on Sunday was one of the best tests I have ever ridden. WakeUp was forward and through and we did not let off for a second. Even before we received the scores, I was thrilled. WakeUp had shown what an amazing horse he can be. The judges rewarded us with a super score of 8.58, and with that we were once again qualified for the World Championships for Young Horses!
Many things are still up in the air and in question. This is just the start of a new week! For one, we don’t know if we will receive an invite based on the selection trials in California and Virginia. However, I am so pleased with WakeUp and am ecstatic to be able to ride such a brilliant horse. We are also so fortunate to just make it home, with a tornado that killed 115 people hitting just 2 hours from home, striking Sunday evening. Also, we are lucky to still have healthy horses. Let us hope that the Equine Herpes Virus does not claim more horses! And to add to the week, Laika, a Londonderry mare that qualified for the National Young Horse Championships with Mama last year, had her WakeUp foal last night! Another adventure begins!
I have to thank everyone who wished me luck before the show and congratulated me after. It was pretty neat to come back to the barn after the awards and find that my phone had 8 missed calls and tons of texts! A friend said that everyone feels like they own a little bit of WakeUp and me, and I am honored to be a part of such a fantastic group.
Have a wonderful week and thanks again for following and supporting!


WakeUp was awesome!

5 Aug

August 5th, 2010
I am so so proud of WakeUp! He has grown up into a mature gentleman and I am very excited to show him to the world!
Yesterday he clocked out the jog like a total pro! While many horses were jumping around and trying to impress all their other 4 legged friends, WakeUp soon realized that there were mainly stallions around and was super for the jog! He looked stunning in Mrs. Fashion Queen’s (Debbie Davenport)browband. (I might be a little biased, but still… J)
I had the unique experience of doing the draw for the ride times! A representative from the Netherlands and I picked names and time slots for each competitor. It was cool to be locked in the conference room with the judges/stewards/managers and be a part of this important part of the competition!
After the jog, we were allowed to ride in the show ring for two hours. During this time, in the 20mX60m ring, there were always about twenty amazing horses floating around at any given time! Considering that it was raining, the ring was an invitation to spookiness and 80% were stallions, it could have been interesting! However, most of the horses seemed hot but, guided by super riders, doing their jobs! WakeUpwent into the ring like the pro! We did a ten minute ride because he was super supple, did his job, was fantastically relaxed and needed to know he was a good boy! I was so excited that Scott Hassler said he totally belonged and looked ready. This ten minute ride in the rain was so much fun… to be riding around with the likes of Eva Moeller, Susan Pape, Andreas Helgstrand, Ingrid Klimke, Jana Freud and so many more with WakeUp and being told I belonged was a total “cloud nine” feeling I won’t soon forget!!
Today was the day! We drew the last ride of the first group so were on at 10:04! Dr. Moeller and I decided to try to keep his energy as much as possible and after a super 20 minute warm-up we went into the stadium. As we trotted around the ring with flags, banners, about 700 onlookers, scoreboard, plants, etc, I waited for him to start getting nervous but was just thinking that this was SO STELLAR! I was going into a World Championship ring! My horse felt solid and we were really in the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP RING! We had prepared for this, so many people had helped us and the moment was here. As these thoughts passed through my head I had to just smile and at the same moment I realized that my superstar horse, WakeUp, was totally with me! It was great to just say “Ok Wakey, here we go!” and just ride the test. I think the most nervous person in the area was Mama. J
The test was solid. We had a couple bobbles in the trot work: a little break in the rhythm of the second medium and an underdeveloped stretchy circle, but otherwise the test was super solid. His connection was very steady, the reinbackwas great and he never blinked at the electric atmosphere. (I think my black stallion may be turning into a regular showoff! J) We were rewarded with a final score of 7.82 with an 8.2 for walk and 8.5 for canter! This put us in 18thplace overall!
As we left the ring, (WakeUp just strutting out on long rein like he does this everyday) my family stood up and cheered like wild things. (Imagine twenty Jana Wagners screaming at the top of their lungs… yeah… that’s my family. ) They made black shirts with white letters saying “WakeUp + Emily”. It was super super super! I didn’t want to leave the ring.
I am very thrilled with how everything went. I could not have asked WakeUp to behave any better and I am just enjoying being part of this show and experience. Of course, I am competitive, and wanted to make it directly into the Grand Finale, but we have a second chance tomorrow (top 12 go directly to Grand finale and then top 3 from Small Finale join them for 15 total). We have to place top three tomorrow in the small finale to advance. It is a tall order but we are going to try!
I have to say, I have a world class cheering squad/support group! Dr. Moeller is a fantastic coach and Scott Hassler has an excellent eye for the final touches and details. My mother, my sister, Pat Reese, my family, Jennifer Keeler, Eva Moeller, Lena (Eva’s groom), everyone thinking positive thoughts for me, those sending me messages to wish me luck all make this experience so fantastic. Thank you!
Here’s to a fantastic today and a hopeful tomorrow!

Time flies

30 Jul

Friday July 30th, 2010
Wow! It is really hard to believe that July is nearly over and the summer as well! We go to Verden next Wednesday and the first test is on Thursday! Time flies!
Luckily, I feel ready. I think WakeUp is doing really well! The canter is getting much better and we keep pushing him to carry more but keep the jump. I think the biggest improvement has been in the trot. He feels more able to hold himself in the front because his hind legs are working harder and straighter. My legs have been sore a couple times and I am sure he agrees but I do think that Dr. Moeller has pushed us the correct amount and not too much. Many have told me he looks very good. The real test will be to see what Mama says when she sees him tomorrow!!! However, the best thing is that we can work really hard and focused but then can go out and graze in the field to enjoy the sun and grass. There are bonuses to having only one responsibility… spoiling your one horse.
I was happy to have Anna Katz, an old friend and Mama’s former student, and her husband, Thomas, come to visit. She just got married and seems very happy. They are moving to Germany next year but it was just nice to spend some time with people I know and speak a little English! For once the tables were turned… English was the primary language at the table and the couple of girls from Kasselmann’s who joined us were trying to keep up!
Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Made it to NY

10 Jul

Emily and WakeUp have made it to New York and are doing fine. Wakey is a little tired but ready for the next leg of the journey. The plane leaves at 10 tonight.