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Super Ride!

28 Jul

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

So… I had a super ride on the Wakey Wakey today! Yesterday we had a left leg lesson and it seemed to get to heart of it.  Today we had some really super moments where he started to get shorter by pushing his hind into the front and then accepting the standing hand in the front.  He at the same time has to carry more, which is not on his list of favorite things, but he is learning it!  Perhaps more importantly, I am learning it!   He takes the work great and I am so lucky to get to ride a horse that can give me the feelings.

PSI did the photos for the next auction and I have to say they thought of everything!!!  The pictures had to be perfect so the ears had to be forward, the people had to be smiling, the hats had to be straight, the end of the reins had to be on the outside, the railing had to be freshly painted, the clouds had to pass, etc.  It was quite the production but the photos turned out absolutely gorgeous.

It is fun to see all the people who are here as well! Yesterday came a lady from Oman and we went to the tack shop together. It was interesting to hear about the differences in her country. The tack shop was also quite the production! However, I was quite excited because I only spent 13 Euros and didn’t want anything else! High Performance Equine saved me from selling my soul in a German tack shop!

The weather is finally back to a typical German summer as I am told; rainy and about 60 degrees Fahrenheit! BRRR! Enjoy your ponies and thanks again!!



Emily in the news again!

9 Jul

Emily and WakeUp have been in the news. She has been in the Chronicle of the Horse, on EuroDressage twice and on Dressage Daily.  She has also done a radio interview. Now she is in an article in the Lawrence Journal World News. Here is a link to the article.

This duo is sure to continue to make the news as their journey is really just beginning.

On Our Way!

8 Jul

Ok… this is my last blog from my room in Kansas before we leave!

I have 3 big suitcases full of riding clothes, normal clothes, show clothes, horsey clothes, boots, tack, and who knows what else!  🙂  I am sure I forgot something but… as my mother keeps reminding me… they have everything I might need in Germany! 🙂 I must say… I am actually quite surprised at how much stuff I crammed in everywhere! There were so many last minute things I needed to find room for!

Of course, I will miss the farm while I am gone. We just had 6 baby ducklings and they are so cute to watch grow. Willie (Weltdorff) gave me an excellent going away present and was a rockstar today! He will enjoy his well deserved month off! I will miss the other horses and teaching as well!  We still are expecting the last WakeUp foal of the year and that is always super exciting!  However, I think that the time will fly and the experience will be a priceless one I will never forget!

Thank you to all those who have made this possible!  I am very estatic to report that we very nearly reached our goal of $30,000! I can not tell you how much it means to me! I have gotten so many cards and phone calls with well wishes. I really do appreciate them! I am truly fortunate for the family, friends, horses and opportunities I have and I am so grateful!

Please wish us a safe journey! Anything more is icing on the cake!

PS… Maybe you could ask for the rain to stay away at least some of the time???

Should I start packing??

4 Jul

So… Mama has decided that it is probably better to leave Wednesday evening and drive through the night. This makes sense; it will be cooler, Mama won’t have to drive home alone during the night, the traffic will be less and he will have more time to stretch his legs in Kentucky before leaving for NY.  But… the problem is that I am a fantastic procrastinator and that means one less day! Maybe I should start packing!!!!  Lets try to focus on the length of four days rather than all I need to pack!

One thing that continues to amaze me… the health paperwork!!!  I can’t imagine the shipping companies keeping track of it all!! WakeUp needs a health certificate and coggins. No biggie, right?!  However, it is not only a health certificate to travel to Kentucky and then another to travel to New York, but also an international health certificate to go to Amsterdam.  Then all the paperwork has to be ready for the health certificate to be signed in Amsterdam so we can get into Germany!  That is only for the health certificate! Numerous other blood tests have to be done as well! Then the timing of when the blood has to be drawn for the various tests is very particular.  The blood is then shipped to two different labs for testing and conformation to make sure we have a backup in case anything were to go astray!  I have to thank Dr. Wilhite, Dr. Epstein and the Drexel Vet Clinic for continuous faxing/mailing/signing/overnighting/calling/checking/dating/processing.  It really is quite the production!

We are hosting an adult camp at our farm this week and it has been a blast!  Those lovely ladies keep me on my toes and are just a ton of fun (especially after a glass of wine!  )

I do wish everyone a fantastic, safe Fourth of July and am so incredibly thankful for everything that this year has brought so far!  Thank you all!


One week away!

1 Jul

What?! Do I really leave in just one week? It has been a crazy house around here! We had our dinner party on Monday, which was amazing! I did a fun radio interview with Ernie Rodina from Better Horses Radio on Tuesday. That was fun to be in a studio… just like in the movies! 🙂 Then on Wednesday Micheal Beining came down to do some video of WakeUp and I. It is always good to get schooled eyes watching and be able to see and critic yourself! Although, I must admit that I really do not enjoy watching myself on video! Wakey’s breeder, Beverly McLean, and husband, Brice, also came to watch. That was a really nice gesture for them to drive to see him. Also, a reporter from Linn Co News came to take pictures and do an interview. Finally, I gave my last round of lessons in Lawrence and Johnson County. I will miss seeing everyone, especially that amazing group at Blue Jacket Farm (they all did their lessons in the WakeUp t-shirts! How stellar! ), but will be excited to see their progress when I come home! BUT… perhaps best of all… I got to go shopping!! (without a wallet!) I know… what could be more fun than being let loose in the High Performance Equine Trailer?? So… what did I get? A TON OF SWEET STUFF! Beth chose a new pair of Passier stirrup leathers for me, which are about a million times softer than my old ones. Plus, not loosing stitching! BONUS! 🙂 Then Meghan helped me pick out a gorgeous pair of Cavallo show breeches. I must admit, I have never tried the Cavallos before, but I have to say… I have been converted! I had to get another pair for schooling! I even went way out of my usual brown and tan box and tried on some navy and blue patterned ones! The Cavallo Chagalls were gorgeous! They were unique but not too loud. So… 2 pairs of breeches, new stirrup leathers, and bright white show gloves… what more could a girl want!? Well… to outfit her pony of course! WakeUp got 3 nice new saddle pads, new boots to keep those legs safe, and a new bridle! The Passier bridle is gorgeous. It has wonderful padding on the crown and caveson! The leather is super soft and it will look AMAZING with the fancy browband on loan from fashionista Debbie Davenport! 🙂 HP Equine was so nice to make sure that I was taken care of for my trip to Germany and I can’t thank them enough! Do me a favor and check out some of the high quality products they offer. You won’t be disappointed! With only a week left, I couldn’t be happier with WakeUp. He is feeling great! Someone asked me if he knew what was going on… I don’t think so… His main concern in life is the mares in the pasture outside his window! Oh to be a horse… Take care everyone and thank you so so much! EMILY

Emily with WakeUp sporting his new Passier bridle.

Emily sporting her new Cavallo Chagall breeches from HP Equine.

The dinner was a huge success!

29 Jun

What an amazing night! Amazing food! Amazing people! Amazing support! Amazing laughs!  THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!

I think everyone would agree and I was about as happy as the weekend we qualified in Chicago!  We were spoiled by Piropos! It was an amazing four course dinner with Champagne pairings! My favorites were the crab cakes that were so amazing that even Mama, who doesn’t like anything from the water, wouldn’t share them! The Filet Mignon was outstanding, melt in your mouth delicious as well! The Piropos owners are so sweet and have an amazing restaurant! I was humbled by the support everyone showed and really felt like our entire community was behind WakeUp, my family and myself! I know it has been said so many times but… THANK YOU!

I have to give a huge hug and special raise of the glass to HP Equine.  I spoke with them after I returned from Chicago. The next day Meghan and Beth hit the ground running, calling, networking, emailing, organizing and mobilizing people!  They are not only monetary sponsors, amazing clothing and tack sponsors (I got to raid their sweet trailer yesterday as well! More on the new, more stylish and trendy WakeUp and Emily soon! ), but they are also dear friends that have done so much for me!

The silent auction was also a total success! We raised over $10,000!!!!! The donors were many and generous!  I would like to thank them all! However, there are the three ladies that amazingly made the auction run smoothly and had all the items set up so beautifully that need another raise of the glass:  Maggie Stonecipher, Pat Reese, Alan and Margene Swartz

and Merrill Pickert! Without them the auction would have looked more like two items with two pieces of paper instead of bottles of wine, saddles, jewelry, breedings, show stalls, photo sessions, surgical work, horse transportation, blankets, boot bags, month of board, massages, champagne, vacation getaways, paintings, tack, and of course that Wild Splendor statue!

It was an incredible night that I won’t forget!  Everyone looked amazing and I saw so many smiles that I was on cloud nine all night!  Thank you so much! I don’t care if you get tired of hearing it! I am not going to tire of saying it!


P.S.  Sharing bottle of Cristal (valued at around $300!!!!!) with people I love dearly was not such a bad finish to the evening!

Fundraiser tonight!

28 Jun

Tonight is the night for the fundraising dinner/auction at Piropos Grille. The silent auction starts at 6:30 and dinner will begin around 7:15.  Piropos Grille is located at 1 West First Street in Parkville, MO 64152. Please note that this is not the Briarcliff restaurant.

We can’t wait to see you there. For info on the event or to see auction items visit

It’s all coming together!

26 Jun
Usually you don’t want to spend all day at the vet… but today it was a GREAT thing!  WakeUp went to Wilhite and Frees Equine Hospital to get a checkup and make sure he was in the best condition possible for his trip!  Dr. Wilhite and his staff were so helpful and just amazingly nice!  Everyone there, from the secretaries to the vet-techs, creates such a well-oiled team that it is easy to entrust them with your horse’s well-being.  WakeUp got the royal treatment (perhaps not from his point of view) of teeth, blood testing, coggins, flexions, xrays, etc.  He has a fantastically clean bill of health thanks to Dr. Wilhite and staff!  It makes me feel so much better knowing that we have done all we can for WakeUp to be in tip top shape for his big adventure!  Thank you Wilhite and Frees Equine Hospital!

On the transportation front: GO MAMA!  She was in charge of organizing all the shipping and transport and we finally got a date and plan!  Yeah!  WakeUp and I will leave Ks on the 8th of July and travel to Kentucky with Mama. Then on the 9th we will head to NY with Brook Ledge Shipping.  The cargo plane leaves NY on the 10th and we will arrive in Amsterdam on the morning of the 11th!  So countdown is on: 13 days!

Now… lets keep this fundraising going strong for the homestretch!  We have the Piropos dinner coming up this Monday evening and the online auction is growing daily!  Thanks to everyone who has donated!  We received a Wintec saddle, coupon for horse transport from Clint Coulter, lessons, a condo weekend and many other great items!  I am thrilled about all the support! Make sure you check it out at

Is anyone else getting excited??? I AM!!!



23 Jun

Thanks to all the wonderful donors, we have some stellar auction items online.  The reins from High Performance Equine seem to be a popular item!  Thank goodness that there are people smarter than I handling the auction specifics!  Please check it out at and bid away!

The Piropos dinner is getting closer and my sister is so excited to look smashing! I am excited to see everyone out of the barn and just have a fun evening with friends!  Remember, we need to get a good idea of the number of people attending, so please go online and reserve a seat!  The dinner attendees have the added benefit of the final bidding on auction items! Please join us!

Other fantastic happenings:

WakeUp was sponsored with a free pair of shoes today from our wonderful Toby Tobler!  Even better, he stood without anyone having to hold his hand! 🙂

Centerline Dressage (a GMO in Illinois) generously donated $2,000 in return for a clinic!  How stellar is that!?  Im sure the clinic, put together by the fantastic Martin and Kate Kuhn, will be a blast!

SLADS (St. Louis GMO) has pledged to raise $1,000 in return for a presentation at their January awards banquet.

Furthermore, KCDS has been awesome and will give $1,000 as well!  I hope to give a fun presentation when I get back for our GMO as well!

Finally, transportation is getting squared away.  We have narrowed it down to either leaving the 7th or 8th from Houston or New York (still doesn’t seem so narrow ). We should hear back later with which location has another horse to share the costs!

WakeUp is doing very well! He feels really strong and I am determined to get that Marilyn Monroe walk as good as it can possibly be!

Thanks again to everyone!  Stay cool in this lovely Kansas weather!

Auction items available online for bidding

22 Jun

The auction items are now up on the High Performance Equine website for bidding. Item descriptions and starting bids are listed. Bids will be made via email to Pat Reese at
Happy Bidding!