Getting in a routine!

23 Jul

Well, finally I think we are starting to find a routine and getting to know everyone a bit better!  I have a lot of fun with a few of the girls and am happy to feel like not such an outsider anymore.  There is a wonderful family here from Dubai as well. They are super nice! It is always interesting to meet new people from many different places.

WakeUp is doing well! I think we have finally found some food that he will at least try to eat and I take him out to hand graze for at least an hour. Yes, I know, my horse is becoming a spoiled brat.  He just would like to maintain his boyish figure and not gain a single pound!  Dr. Moeller continues to be a big help. We work on keeping him really straight and even. This includes the bending in the corners controlled with the outside leg. It sounds contradictory but to be straight a horse must also be able to bend.  Dr. Moeller is super patient so far and he seems to always  give the horse the benefit of the doubt.

Today I met Paul Van Dyk. To those who don’t listen to Techno/Trance music this may be no big deal, but he is a really famous DJ! Eurus will appreciate it! His wife owns the 5 year old which Eva Moeller will show at the World Championships.  I also attended a barbeque for the German Jumping Young Rider Team which just won the European Championships. It was hosted by Paul Schockemoeler as the riders were on his horses!  It was a ton of fun and really very special to get to walk through the breeding station and see all those famous stallions: Sir Donnerhall, Sandro Hit.

So keep riding with your outside legs my friends!



2 Responses to “Getting in a routine!”

  1. Eurus Wagner July 24, 2010 at 10:19 pm #

    Okay now I am jealous.

  2. Emily Wagner July 25, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    He is so nice and down to earth! Doesn’t drink, no tattoos and into techno and horses! SWEET!

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