Mama’s Birthday!

19 Jul

So today is my lovely mother’s birthday!  I am getting her a new pair of breeches from HP equine because she was trying to steal mine!

From Mr. WakeUp, Mama got the present of good legs and back to work! I think we were both itching to get back to work. He was very good today and I really enjoy working with Dr. Moeller!  He pushes but also is totally understanding of honest mistakes. Today we were working on getting a more solid “pushable” connection. So on the short sides we would do posting trot with bending to get him really supple and then on the long sides sitting trot, driving with both legs and the seat into the connection. It was not that he needed to go more forward or in a bigger trot, more that he would really push into the bridle from his back. Then we would go easy through the short side again. When WakeUp would jump around a little and try to figure out what I meant, I was to just keep all the aids on and wait it out. If he broke to canter or whatever, he was not punished but did not get away from the aids either.  This strengthening of the back and connection along with the straightness will help us so much, no only for the World Championships, but for the rest of his career!

I am getting to know more names and starting to feel like less of an outsider. Dr. Moeller and his family are really super sweet and are great about keeping everything not too serious. I really think smiling goes a long way!

Over the weekend I went to a little local show. It was very interesting to see the differences. First, I felt like everything was very hectic. There were no ring stewards, no exact ride times until the morning the class started and so many horses in a tiny warm-up ring! Second, there was also a jumping show taking place at the same time. It was amazing to see those jumper ponies flying over crazy big jumps and then trot out of the ring in a super fancy trot!  Finally, it was a completely trailer in show. So perhaps forty trailer and vans with horses in them stood on a field and waited for their turn! Oh the differences…

I really have to thank everyone and I think about how fortunate I am all the time but perhaps the best thing I have been given is my amazing horse!  He is a talented man but moreover he is just a good guy. I am continually amazed at how wonderful he is taking everything and that he is just so much fun as a 5 year old! I can walk him around the property with the hectic atmosphere and he doesn’t worry. The ring may have 10 horses in it and he sticks with it! I can gallop him around the racetrack and he just goes with no funny business! He takes the work like a big boy and then begs me to wash and rub his face like a little baby.  I love how he is growing up and maturing. He has become a self confident man as opposed to the little teenager.  Best of all he is mine!  In this barn almost every horse is for sale, so the riders have a tough time with attachment. Luckily, I can say that I have a huge attachment to my horse and it is okay because I know that I only have myself to answer to.  So… biggest thanks to my mother!

Thank you to everyone and hope that you enjoyed watching Totillas win Aachen!


3 Responses to “Mama’s Birthday!”

  1. Lawson Duncan July 20, 2010 at 6:47 am #

    THanks so much for the updates Emily! I am so happy that you are having fun and that all is well. I think about you lots, hoping that things are the best they can be for you. And it sounds like they are! Enjoy every moment….


  2. Lisa Van Stratten July 21, 2010 at 9:23 am #

    Hope Jana had a great birthday!

  3. Linda Durbin July 22, 2010 at 11:25 pm #

    oops I actually forgot your moms birthday this year, hope she forgives me.

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