On Our Way!

8 Jul

Ok… this is my last blog from my room in Kansas before we leave!

I have 3 big suitcases full of riding clothes, normal clothes, show clothes, horsey clothes, boots, tack, and who knows what else!  🙂  I am sure I forgot something but… as my mother keeps reminding me… they have everything I might need in Germany! 🙂 I must say… I am actually quite surprised at how much stuff I crammed in everywhere! There were so many last minute things I needed to find room for!

Of course, I will miss the farm while I am gone. We just had 6 baby ducklings and they are so cute to watch grow. Willie (Weltdorff) gave me an excellent going away present and was a rockstar today! He will enjoy his well deserved month off! I will miss the other horses and teaching as well!  We still are expecting the last WakeUp foal of the year and that is always super exciting!  However, I think that the time will fly and the experience will be a priceless one I will never forget!

Thank you to all those who have made this possible!  I am very estatic to report that we very nearly reached our goal of $30,000! I can not tell you how much it means to me! I have gotten so many cards and phone calls with well wishes. I really do appreciate them! I am truly fortunate for the family, friends, horses and opportunities I have and I am so grateful!

Please wish us a safe journey! Anything more is icing on the cake!

PS… Maybe you could ask for the rain to stay away at least some of the time???


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