Should I start packing??

4 Jul

So… Mama has decided that it is probably better to leave Wednesday evening and drive through the night. This makes sense; it will be cooler, Mama won’t have to drive home alone during the night, the traffic will be less and he will have more time to stretch his legs in Kentucky before leaving for NY.  But… the problem is that I am a fantastic procrastinator and that means one less day! Maybe I should start packing!!!!  Lets try to focus on the length of four days rather than all I need to pack!

One thing that continues to amaze me… the health paperwork!!!  I can’t imagine the shipping companies keeping track of it all!! WakeUp needs a health certificate and coggins. No biggie, right?!  However, it is not only a health certificate to travel to Kentucky and then another to travel to New York, but also an international health certificate to go to Amsterdam.  Then all the paperwork has to be ready for the health certificate to be signed in Amsterdam so we can get into Germany!  That is only for the health certificate! Numerous other blood tests have to be done as well! Then the timing of when the blood has to be drawn for the various tests is very particular.  The blood is then shipped to two different labs for testing and conformation to make sure we have a backup in case anything were to go astray!  I have to thank Dr. Wilhite, Dr. Epstein and the Drexel Vet Clinic for continuous faxing/mailing/signing/overnighting/calling/checking/dating/processing.  It really is quite the production!

We are hosting an adult camp at our farm this week and it has been a blast!  Those lovely ladies keep me on my toes and are just a ton of fun (especially after a glass of wine!  )

I do wish everyone a fantastic, safe Fourth of July and am so incredibly thankful for everything that this year has brought so far!  Thank you all!



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