The dinner was a huge success!

29 Jun

What an amazing night! Amazing food! Amazing people! Amazing support! Amazing laughs!  THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE!

I think everyone would agree and I was about as happy as the weekend we qualified in Chicago!  We were spoiled by Piropos! It was an amazing four course dinner with Champagne pairings! My favorites were the crab cakes that were so amazing that even Mama, who doesn’t like anything from the water, wouldn’t share them! The Filet Mignon was outstanding, melt in your mouth delicious as well! The Piropos owners are so sweet and have an amazing restaurant! I was humbled by the support everyone showed and really felt like our entire community was behind WakeUp, my family and myself! I know it has been said so many times but… THANK YOU!

I have to give a huge hug and special raise of the glass to HP Equine.  I spoke with them after I returned from Chicago. The next day Meghan and Beth hit the ground running, calling, networking, emailing, organizing and mobilizing people!  They are not only monetary sponsors, amazing clothing and tack sponsors (I got to raid their sweet trailer yesterday as well! More on the new, more stylish and trendy WakeUp and Emily soon! ), but they are also dear friends that have done so much for me!

The silent auction was also a total success! We raised over $10,000!!!!! The donors were many and generous!  I would like to thank them all! However, there are the three ladies that amazingly made the auction run smoothly and had all the items set up so beautifully that need another raise of the glass:  Maggie Stonecipher, Pat Reese, Alan and Margene Swartz

and Merrill Pickert! Without them the auction would have looked more like two items with two pieces of paper instead of bottles of wine, saddles, jewelry, breedings, show stalls, photo sessions, surgical work, horse transportation, blankets, boot bags, month of board, massages, champagne, vacation getaways, paintings, tack, and of course that Wild Splendor statue!

It was an incredible night that I won’t forget!  Everyone looked amazing and I saw so many smiles that I was on cloud nine all night!  Thank you so much! I don’t care if you get tired of hearing it! I am not going to tire of saying it!


P.S.  Sharing bottle of Cristal (valued at around $300!!!!!) with people I love dearly was not such a bad finish to the evening!


One Response to “The dinner was a huge success!”

  1. Cathy McCormick June 30, 2010 at 1:01 pm #

    Hi Emily,
    I am a friend of Kathy OBrien, Margene and Pat Reese.
    Have forwarded your information to a client (Kinetic Technologies/Conquer H.A.) in hopes that they will contact you regarding contributing to your endeavor with free product or money.
    Stuart Pierce, DVM is the president and the one likely to call you.
    Hope it works out for you and Conquer.

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