23 Jun

Thanks to all the wonderful donors, we have some stellar auction items online.  The reins from High Performance Equine seem to be a popular item!  Thank goodness that there are people smarter than I handling the auction specifics!  Please check it out at and bid away!

The Piropos dinner is getting closer and my sister is so excited to look smashing! I am excited to see everyone out of the barn and just have a fun evening with friends!  Remember, we need to get a good idea of the number of people attending, so please go online and reserve a seat!  The dinner attendees have the added benefit of the final bidding on auction items! Please join us!

Other fantastic happenings:

WakeUp was sponsored with a free pair of shoes today from our wonderful Toby Tobler!  Even better, he stood without anyone having to hold his hand! 🙂

Centerline Dressage (a GMO in Illinois) generously donated $2,000 in return for a clinic!  How stellar is that!?  Im sure the clinic, put together by the fantastic Martin and Kate Kuhn, will be a blast!

SLADS (St. Louis GMO) has pledged to raise $1,000 in return for a presentation at their January awards banquet.

Furthermore, KCDS has been awesome and will give $1,000 as well!  I hope to give a fun presentation when I get back for our GMO as well!

Finally, transportation is getting squared away.  We have narrowed it down to either leaving the 7th or 8th from Houston or New York (still doesn’t seem so narrow ). We should hear back later with which location has another horse to share the costs!

WakeUp is doing very well! He feels really strong and I am determined to get that Marilyn Monroe walk as good as it can possibly be!

Thanks again to everyone!  Stay cool in this lovely Kansas weather!


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