Making progress on multiple fronts!

22 Jun

While it seems that everything is moving forward, there are always little things that keep popping up!  Luckily, between my mother, the ladies at High Performance Equine, our great veterinary friends, and countless others, we are making progress!

WakeUp had his passport drawn!  Dr. Epstein was perhaps less than thrilled to have to draw his four white legs with tons of ermine spots… but he got it done!  Took care of the faxing and everything!  Luckily, he also alerted us to the fact that we have to get started on WakeUp’s international health certificate!  One thing down… one thing more to put on the list!

After speaking with Scott Hassler and David Wightman again, we decided Performance Sales International (PSI) with Dr. Ulf Muller would the best place for WakeUp and I to be.  Dr. Muller and his wife have won the Young Horse Championships multiple times and have 6 horses qualified to go this year!  It should be fantastic!

We have the first quotes for shipping in.  It is a bit more expensive than expected, but we have a couple other leads still in the works.

The party is getting closer and it is going to be great.  Rachel and Piropos have been wonderful and we have arranged for there to be a vegetarian option (upon request with reservations).  Yet another reason we really need a better headcount!  I am so excited for everyone who has indicated they are coming but in order to make sure this run smoothly we need everyone to register online prior to Monday night.  Just go to

On a fun note… Jennifer Keeler asked what sizes we wanted for jackets and shirts!  Is it wierd that I am crazy excited about having a team USA jacket???

Thanks to everyone!  Again, whether it is time, silent auction items, money, words, etc., it is all very much appreciated!

Sincerely, EMILY


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