Getting closer!

18 Jun
Keep it moving!

What a day!  I feel like everyday is just one step closer and now we have to make each moment count… only 11 days until the dinner!  So thanks to everyone working so hard to make a million little things happen in so short of a time frame!  Maggie Stonecipher, Pat Reese, so many others… couldn’t do it without you!  Everyone is attacking this monster of a project with full force and it shows! We got a donation of a piece of artwork for the silent auction worth close to $18,000!!!!! Look for details on the site soon!

Some exciting things on my end:

1) had my very first radio interview! I’ll let you know when it will air!
2) spoke with PR extraordinaire from McCormick Company… getting the word out through KC star, Lawrence Journal, etc. The more people who know will hopefully mean more support!
3) Annoyed the wonderful people at the library with numerous faxes, FEI number applications, passport for Wakey, Code of Conduct, etc… FUN STUFF!
4) WakeUp has his very own bank account!  How many horses do you know with a bank account!?  Fortunately, he signed access over to Mama and I… otherwise who knows what he would spend the money on??? 🙂
5)  Spoke with Scott Hassler, who was extremely helpful!  Discussed possible training programs while in Germany and the details a little more!  I am excited that USEF is donating saddle pads, polos and a jacket!
6)  Rode the man himself: WakeUp was a joy as always. I told my brother, Eulan, he should try to challenge us with being “spooking”.  So here my brother is climbing the walls of the indoor, clapping, sneezing, coughing…  (I think he took his job a little too seriously.)

Lets keep the reservations for the dinner coming!



PS… Somebody needs to lay off the rain dancing… we are flooded in for the third time this year!


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