16 Jun
After a busy week, WakeUp is enjoying a little time off and TLC.  His pretty white legs are freshly clipped and his mane is a under control… kind of… 🙂 I keep telling him to focus on getting fat but I think he is bored with it. Some would kill for his metabolism!

I had a wonderful conversation with JJ Tate. She has competed for the U.S. in the Young Horse Championships, so was an excellent source of information, wonderfully down to earth and helpful.  It was fun to talk to such a sweet, encouraging lady! She was so positive and told me to focus on the learning experience Verden will provide.  I look forward to speaking with her again soon!

The fundraising front is moving along well and those wonderful ladies from HP equine continue to astound me.  I made a little suggestion to Meghan about the website and auction items and she was all over it!  Furthermore, Beth just returned from a trip overseas and next thing you know, there are ten emails waiting for me… keeping the ball rolling!  It is no wonder these “go getters” have a successful business.

Thanks for the donations and reservations from both old friends and new!  I even received a digital camera so future blogs can contain pictures! Yay! This is such a community effort and the people continue to amaze me with their generosity!




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