14 Jun

So…in case anyone was wondering… WakeUp ROCKS MY WORLD!!!!!!  He was fantastic today and clocked out a super steady test to win the 5 year old test with an AMAZING 89.8%!!!!!  The judges were super complementary of his rideability and attitude giving a 9 on submission and 9.5 on general impression!!!!  It was so much fun!!!!

Willie won his FEI Open test of choice with a 63%. It was a large class of about 12 which is super for our area!! Wagnis and Mama got third with a 62%. Finally, Eulan and Yo qualified for regionals with a 65%!

Thanks so much to my sister, Laney, for taking care of all the ponies at home and to the wonderful sweet Hackers, who housed us for the weekend and are about the most hospitable people you will ever meet!

I received more help for my trip and as one lady joked “for you to drink a beer on me when you finish the test!”  What amazing people we have in the midwest!

Thanks everyone!



One Response to “WOW!”

  1. Jamie Lawrence June 14, 2010 at 3:12 pm #

    Hi Emily,
    I tried to stop by at the show to talk to you a couple times but you were not at your stall .. wanted to ask you a couple questions about breedings to your fabulous horse ! I have a 4 year old RPSI (Heraklion-Hohenstein) mare and a 8 year old imported KWPN Jazz mare who has Keur status and we have been looking for a stallion to breed to them… They are both fabulous quality mares .. I think we actually competed against you last year at Columbia with U-Lilkina-Field. If you could send me some information and let me know if you guys are going to have breedings available to him let me know, we are very interested and would like to breed this summer. My e-mail address is and my phone number is 618 971 8002… It was a pleasure seeing you ride your horse as the show, he was just amazing !! Best of luck .. Hopefully the breedings will help with your journey !

    Jamie Lawrence

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