SLADS is going great!

13 Jun

Well… they say if you don’t like the weather in Kansas stay ten minutes and you might like it… I think that applies to Missouri as well!  Today in St. Louis, coats were waved before the show even started, which indicates the crazy heat!  In the afternoon, the show had to be postponed due to thunderstorms!

Even with the insane weather, the horses were super!   WakeUp started the day with a second level test.  He received a 69% with a 9 on gaits!!!!

Laika did fantastic with Mama (Jana Wagner) as well: 70s in third level and an 80.8% in her practice 6 year old test, winning every test!

Eulan won his training level test with a 70% and is already looking forward to the next show…maybe we should finish this one first??? 😉

The FEI horses also did super. Willie received a 65.8% in the Developing Horse.  Sally Haswell’s Molinari scored a 66% and 67.8% in the PSG. Wagnis received a 68% and 63% in the Intermediare 1.

WakeUp closed out the day with a super Freestyle.  He was very focused even with rain pouring down on the metal roof!  He won with a 73%!

The support here has been amazing!  Everyone has been so positive and encouraging!  It is so nice to know that people are standing behind me! We received our first donations and are so  thankful!  I appreciate all the help… whether it is the donations, the forwarding of emails, ideas or suggestions. Thanks.



One Response to “SLADS is going great!”

  1. Karen Atwill June 14, 2010 at 3:16 am #

    Congratulations to the whole family on a great show. I really enjoyed watching. Super congratulations to you and Wake Up!!! I’m hoping to attend the fundraiser June 28.
    Best of Luck, Karen

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